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Early History

Creation/Evolution Debate

Geology & the Flood


Bible under Attack

Ancient Ice Ages or Gigantic Submarine Landslides?    (softback)
By Michael J. Oard

A strong rebuttal to Dr. Davis Young’s anti-young-earth book “Christianity and the Age of the Earth.”

Climates Before and After the Genesis Flood    (softback)
By Dr. Larry Vardiman

This monograph is an attempt to apply conventional scientific methods and data to the biblical framework of Noah’s Flood.

Footprints in the Ash    (Hardback)
By John Morris & Steven Austin

Lavishly illustrated “picture book” that shares the full, explosive story of Mount St. Helens. A powerful testament to the Creator and Judge, who forms canyons in just days, not millions of years!

Genesis Flood (The)    (softback)
By Dr. Henry Morris & Dr. John Whitcomb

This is the classic that started the modern creationist movement over 40 years ago! It is a powerful presentation, thoroughly discussing the biblical and geological evidence for the worldwide flood of Noah.

Geologic Column (The)    (softback)
By John K. Reed & Michael J. Oard (Eds.)

The Geologic Column captures the current range of opinion about the Flood and the geological column, informing the reader about the nature of the disagreements between young-earth creationists over the details.

Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe    (softback)
By Dr. Steven Austin

Eminent geologist Dr. Steven Austin explains from a biblical standpoint how Grand Canyon was formed.