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Bible under Attack

Flood Geology    (DVD)
By The Creation Museum Collection

This stunning collection of videos from the Creation Museum explains the possible mechanisms for the Flood and the tremendous effects it had on the earth. Be fascinated and educated as you watch these eye-opening programs. Contains 10 programs plus bonus content.

Footprints in the Ash    (Hardback)
By John Morris & Steven Austin

Lavishly illustrated "picture book" that shares the full, explosive story of Mount St. Helens. A powerful testament to the Creator and Judge, who forms canyons in just days, not millions of years!

Genesis Flood (The)    (softback)
By Dr. Henry Morris & Dr. John Whitcomb

This is the classic that started the modern creationist movement over 40 years ago! It is a powerful presentation, thoroughly discussing the biblical and geological evidence for the worldwide flood of Noah.

Geologic Evidences for Very Rapid Strata Deposition in the Grand Canyon    (DVD)
By Dr. Steven Austin

Millions of years to form Grand Canyon? Not at all! While the facts continue to baffle those who believe the Canyon took millions of years to form, Dr. Austin shows how the facts point to rapid formation by catastrophic, rushing water.

Noah's Flood - Washing Away Millions of Years    (DVD)
By Dr. Terry Mortenson

Dr. Terry Mortenson presents some of the biblical evidence that the Flood was a year-long, global, catastrophe as well as some of the geological reasons that confirm this world-changing event happened.