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Early History

Creation/Evolution Debate

Geology & the Flood


Bible under Attack

Evidence for the Bible    (Hardcover)
By Clive Anderson and Brian H. Edwards

Archaeology helps us discover evidences that confirm the biblical account. This richly illustrated book provides a reliable summary of some of the biggest archaeological finds ever!

Great Turning Point (The)    (softback)
By Dr. Terry Mortenson

Many in the church today think that "young earth" creation is a fairly recent invention, popularized by fundamental Christians in the mid-20th century. Dr. Mortenson reveals fascinating original research that documents a different story.

Inerrancy and the Undermining of Biblical Authority    (DVD)
By Dr. Terry Mortenson

Is the Bible without error? Can someone believe in an inerrant Bible and believe the earth is millions of years old? Does this issue really matter?

Inherently Wind - A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial    (DVD)
By Dr. David Menton

n one of his most popular talks, Dr. David Menton exposes the distortions and inaccuracies in the play and movie Inherit the Wind. This influential propaganda piece has deceived a whole generation with the false belief that Christians went on a "witch hunt" to stop John Scopes from teaching evolution, but in reality it was a "set up" by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Old-Earth Creationism on Trial    (softback)
By Tim Chaffey & Dr. Jason Lisle

In a vital discussion focused within the church, this book explores the foundational issues around the debate on the age of the earth revealing that the debate has a much more compelling and simple core truth -scriptural authority.

Unformed and Unfilled    (softback)
By Weston W. Fields

This is the best and most detailed critique of the Gap theory available. The author looks at the inconsistencies of this position and shows that the Hebrew language in Genesis does not allow for such a gap.