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The  Myth  of  Progress

The prevailing world view underlying most learned fields is a philosophy of progressivism.

It supposes that all things are getting better, that the world has always been moving from the simple to the complex, that with the influence of civilization, man is leaving behind a more brutal nature and an ignorant mindset and evolving into a more peaceful and cooperative being.

Institutions, networking, associations for overseeing the learned fields all are involved in helping along this progression and ensuring that other, unenlightened views are left in the past to fade away.

The Bible does not support this view.

Man's fallen nature is not shown as a product of environmental molding or past evolutionary stages.   Rather it is plainly stated to be a product of choice which put man into a permanent state of slavery to sin.

No institution or organization of man can save him from this state .   He must, according to the Bible, come to God for redemption through Jesus Christ.

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